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Here at Blue Dragon Marketing, we aspire to bring the highest quality production to our customers.

Have your affordable marketing designed by professionals who have the experience and resources to put together an extensive, detailed 3D Virtual Tour, Aerial Photography and Professional Videos, without the high costs or wait periods associated with “from the ground-up” photographers.

With our passionate conviction for creating highly interactive, yet intuitive 3D Virtual Tours, we are working to redefine the standard for interactive technology.

We pride ourselves on developing impressive user experiences that are entertaining and effective—elegant and functional.

Our Story

We both found ourselves in Northern Nevada after being transplanted from Southern and Central California as kids in the late ‘80s.

We both went to Douglas High School and there we fell in love. We decided to get hitched and raise a family after graduating from Douglas. We have done a lot of soul searching together which has led us on many paths. We tried living in various areas on the West Coast, but our hearts belong to these beautiful Amazing Sierras and here we have lived since.

Our passion for Business, Sales, and Marketing has led us here and continues to drive us forward with helping other Small Business Owners successfully navigate the rough waters of the Online Marketing World.

Meet The Owners

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

— Robert Kiyosaki


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