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Drone Photography & Video in Northern NV

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Aerial Photography

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Drone Footage & Custom Videos

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What are the parameters for your drone operation?2017-12-26T19:28:37+00:00

We follow all FAA, State, and Local Laws, Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

All Blue Dragon Marketing drone operations will follow the following guidelines:

Before each flight all equipment is given a thorough pre-flight inspection by the operator.

All maintenance and inspections are meticulously documented and available at any time for FAA Audits.

All Blue Dragon Marketing drones are within FAA Regulations for take-off weight.

Visual line-of-sight (VLOS) will be maintained at all times by a member of the Flight Crew.

Maximum drone airspeed is 40 mph but most operations will be conducted at or below 10 MPH.

The Maximum altitude of operation will be 400 feet above ground level unless restricted by Local Commercial Air Traffic

Minimum clear air visibility is 3 miles from the command point.

No flights will be conducted in windy or stormy conditions.

Proper Airport Control Tower Authorization will be secured prior to operation, If the shoot is within 5 miles of an airport or any regulated airspace.

*Certain conditions and circumstances may prevent us from conducting Drone Operations. We will notify our Clients of these conditions very early in our Project Planning.

What resolution do your drones shoot at?2017-12-26T19:32:35+00:00

Our drones use a 12 megapixel camera that can deliver 4K still images and video.

As your client, do I have to get authorization for your flights?2018-01-04T20:12:38+00:00

No. Blue Dragon Marketing will take care of all the legal authorizations. Nothing other than making sure the property is “Photography Ready” is your responsibility. We take care of the rest.

Can I get still photos from the videos you shoot with the drone?2017-12-26T19:33:13+00:00

Yes. But keep in mind that stills from video will be lower quality than our normal still images.

How long will your videos be?2017-12-26T19:33:52+00:00

We produce around 2 minutes of high quality video; perfect for getting attention, sharing, and liking on Social Media, and enough to entice people to click through to a website.

Will the weather have any affect on your ability to shoot?2017-12-26T19:34:36+00:00

Absolutely, YES. As you know the weather around here has the potential to change drastically day by day. This must be taken into consideration when planning a shoot and we both need to keep an eye on the weather. Any precipitation will cause us to immediately cancel a shoot – NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, wind is a major factor in our ability to fly safely and deliver high quality photography and video. We will not shoot in wind over 15 MPH.

Can anyone fly a drone?2017-12-26T19:35:24+00:00

Yes; however they must meet certain requirements, pass an FAA test, acquire a license from the FAA, fly under certain conditions, abide by many rules, and log all of their activity. They must also report any incidences to the FAA and it’s probably a good idea for the property owner to check their credentials and insurance coverage.

Can I stick around and watch?2017-12-26T19:36:39+00:00

We would prefer if you (Our Client), the Homeowner, and Neighbors didn’t hang out to observe. There’s a few reasons; Safety, Distractions, Being in the shoot by accident, and Causing us to take more time than necessary. Once our work is done and we’re “off the clock”, then we would love to hang out chat!

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